Bike Road Test Annual 2017

All motorbike publications test bikes. However there’s no other magazine, newspaper or website that tests new bikes in quite the same way as Bike. Our tests are anything but a quick spin.

Bikes are used for commuting, touring, Sunday blasts, carrying pillions, foreign exploits and trackdays, all year round, in all weather. We datalog and dyno, assess economy, try tyres and accessories. And we use the UK’s most experienced team to do it, with 159 years of experience. Your new Bike Road Test Annual is a collection of 17 such evaluations. Taken from the pages of Bike’s monthly Big Test, the bikes examined covered over almost 75,000 miles, meaning 4400 miles per machine – that’s greater than the average annual mileage for UK riders.

You might observe that not all the tests included look the same. Keen for Bike’s road tests to be as useful as possible, we continually tweak and adjust to make sure they’re as revealing and informative as they can be. The visual differences are simply from our Big Test evolving. 

Being in position to buy your next bike is one of life’s sweet spots. Old bike sold, money trousered, savings or laughably cheap finance ready, it’s all excitement and possibilities. Which is why this new Annual is so handy. From Royal Enfield to Kawasaki ZX-10R, Triumph Thruxton to Yamaha MT-10, there’s a desirable new bike for every taste and budget, with in-depth facts and figures, service data, finance deals, accessories, and even alternative machinery. Your next bike is a page turn away…


What's inside the Bike Road Test Annual

Yamaha MT-10 4700 Mile Test

Our MT-10 test bike has seen it all, from motorway thrums and soggy commutes to barmy blasts and track days. We’ve even crashed it. Here’s how it coped with a year’s mileage.

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Triumph Thruxton R 6256 Mile Test

Classic styling, high-output 1200cc twin and chassis parts plucked from the swanky drawer – is Triumph’s sportiest retro all show or a serious long-term prospect?

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Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 6000 Mile Test

From French autoroutes to muddy trails, from city commuting to A-road charging we’ve subjected the all-new Africa Twin to multiple abuse in the cause of testing. This is how it’s stood up.

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Kawasaki Z1000SX 2500 Mile Test

Firmly established as the UK’s favourite Kawasaki and the nation’s sports-tourer of choice, the Z1000SX has been tweaked and sharpened for 2017. After three packed months with the Zed, has the Kawasaki proved the perfect all-rounder?

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