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Gaby Ochoa, 34, left her home and career in Mexico City to roam the globe on her 250cc Suzuki Marauder. We catch up with her as she prepares to leave Europe...

What’s the big plan?

I’ve been travelling for six months so far, starting in Barcelona, Spain. Then I rode to Andorra, France, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. I am now flying to South East Asia, landing in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where I will buy a small motorcycle and start a whole new adventure. A Suzuki Marauder is unusual for a long ride.


What was your thinking behind the choice?

In Mexico I used to ride a 125cc Chinese motorbike at the weekends but I knew that I would need a bigger bike for this journey. I chose the 250cc Suzuki Marauder because it has a low seat and I can put my feet on the ground. This bike is very reliable and the fuel consumption is low. The only problem is that it’s too heavy for me to pick up by myself.

What inspired you to make this journey?

I worked for six years at Hewlett Packard, as Marketing Manager, in Mexico but I wanted something else in my life. I was tired and bored of the commute, the office life and the same routine... I was unhappy. Then, on my birthday in December 2014, I met a motorcyclist from the USA and joined him as a pillion passenger for a few days in Guatemala. That was the moment I became fascinated by the freedom and independence of riding a motorcycle – to be able to go wherever you want at any time you choose. I decided I would travel by motorbike, but first I had to learn how to ride a bicycle! In early 2016 I quit my job and started my trip.

Window Seat

What has been the favourite part of your journey?

It was in the UK. When I arrived there I didn’t know anyone but I started meeting the English motorcycle community through Horizons Unlimited. I met great people who are still good friends and who helped me with bike repairs, and gave me shelter and advice. Also I learned more about riding in rain, fog and on windy roads. Another great moment was on the Island of Hvar, Croatia. I stayed in a small house that a group of us motorcycle travellers hired for a week – me from Mexico, Maurice from Germany, Natalia from Chile, Sandra from Spain and Bruno from Argentina. We rode everyday through the island and its mountains. We cooked, danced, sang and laughed together – thankful that the motorcycle connected us. It was an amazing experience.


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