August 2017

This year, Ian Martin, John Westlake and I went to the TT. You'll see from the opening picture in the mag that it looks like we had perfect weather, and at that moment it was, but the previous day was a washout, and so was the day after. The racers struggled with the lack of practice time.

So bad were the conditions, the flat-out blast up the mountain section to to Hailwood Heights, was taken out of some of practice week, but later the roads were reopened. 

The TT is an emotional place. Joy at sunny weather and the astonishing spectacle of road racing. Angst at yet another accident. Quite apart from the racing incidents there had been three public road closures on the Mountain, to sweep up crash debris, by the time that Dave Collister took that picture at midday. Take it easy people.

Dave’s pictures of the group test are good, but his photos of TT racing and practice are amazing. As an Isle of Man native he’s got all year to work out where to get a different angle. Turn to page 44 and be gobsmacked.

Whilst waiting for the weather to improve on the island, we spent quite a lot of time arguing about which bike should win the group test (page 54).

The three retros were a decent choice for Isle of Man transport. They look good in Parliament Square but are a perfect excuse not to get carried away over the Mountain.

Pictures from our road bike-only trackday in May are on page 124, and we’re doing another on 4 August. See you there?

Enjoy the issue.


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