February 2017

The best thing you can do on a bike? Trackdays are great, short local rides are good, a commuter run makes life better and trail riding is brilliant. But the best thing you can do on a bike is to take a trip. A motorcycle is the best way to see the world. Or the UK. Or the next county. In this special 164-page issue we’ve got together some great tales of motorcycle travel to inspire you to make a trip next summer. Or before. Lois Pryce has explored deepest Iran, Llewelyn Pavey’s been to Mustang (that’s part of Nepal) and John Westlake has completed his trans America ride by Suzuki Hayabusa. It’s not just exotic locations. Mark Graham went for a short, fast 15 minute run on the A1 (on a Kawasaki H2) and Paul Lang’s been to Scarborough (though admittedly he went to Monaco first). Me? I rode a Ducati Multistrada Enduro from Lisbon to the Isle of Man as part of Ducati’s Globetrotter 90 round the world trip. Here we’re at Guthrie’s Memorial, overlooking Ramsey and the Irish Sea. We’re ten miles from the finish of my 1605.75 mile leg of the journey. Looking across the sea to Ireland made me think about where I’d like to ride this summer.

Enjoy the issue, 

Hugo Wilson

Inside this issue...


Paul Lang heads to Monaco to ride the all new 2017 Monster, before aiming his original M900 at the North Yorkshire coast for an entirely different seaside adventure…


Seven intrepid souls, including Bike’s Hugo Wilson, celebrate Ducati’s 90th birthday by circumnavigating the globe on the new Multistrada Enduro…


Nepal is tough riding country, in the thin air close to the top of the world. Largely unspoiled, savagely beautiful, hard and unyielding.