February 2019

Rides of a lifetime? The first one, obviously. Puttering around grandpa’s garden on a smoky moped, getting confused about which direction you twist the throttle to slow down and detouring through a handsome flower bed. Then there’s the first big trip – all of 260 miles of it. And an astonishing 20 minute, eye popping, nerve shredding ride on a Honda Fireblade in 1992. There’s more, right round to summer 2018. The picture’s of Richard, Robert, Gisli, Skuli and me, outside a tin-roofed hut, somewhere on an Icelandic lava field about to start another ride of a lifetime. I may never get to Iceland again.

Those really memorable rides don’t have to be long, tough or in some exotic location, though it probably helps. It’s the magical mix of bike and the road, the people you’re with, the weather, the challenge and the location that makes it utterly memorable. I guess that includes the journey from Perpignan to Peterborough in November 1998 (Bike, February 1999), but for all the wrong reasons. It was horrific. I don’t want more than one like that in my lifetime, but it probably makes the good ones even sweeter.

Maybe the real proof of a ride of a lifetime is that it makes a good story. In which case enjoy this issue’s tales from Mongolia, America, Iceland, Moffat (see, close to home) and Indonesia.

Or Suffolk on a chopper, a last ride at Rockingham circuit for the sportsbike test or Portugal to try the new Triumph Street Twin and Scrambler. Write and tell us about your ride of a lifetime.

We extended the issue to get them all in, and provide a motorcycling escape from Christmas.

Enjoy the issue.

Hugo Wilson

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