JUNE 2016

Bike magazine June 2016 issue

People have been banging on about the good old days since Adam and Eve left The Garden of Eden; ‘Apples? They don’t make ‘em like they used to.’ But it’s a fact that biking’s heroic and hilarious past is a critical part of what makes motorcycling cool in the 21st century. Triumph know the score. It’s what the brand new, stuffed with the latest technology but old looking Bonneville is all about.

Barry Sheene was a great racer and the 40th anniversary of his first world championship is an irresistible excuse to raid the picture archive, but there’s more to the summer of ’76 than celebrity racers and their glamorous girlfriends. The second half of the 1970s were a golden age for motorcycling, when teenage communication wasn’t about Snapchat, it was about riding your Honda SS50 or Fantic GT, flares flapping in the breeze and visor studs rattling, to the youth club disco in the next village.

The summer evenings were long and hot. Barrelling down a Northamptonshire B-road in April 2016 on the new T120 Bonneville, complete with analogue clocks, chrome badges and spoked wheels, is still about freedom. We’re older, but what’s great about motorcycling hasn’t changed in 40 years, even if the bikes (at least under the surface) have.

Enjoy the issue.

Hugo Wilson

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Inside this issue...

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Who do you think you are, Barry Sheene?


A household name at the start of the 1976 Grand Prix season, by the end of the summer he was World Champion and every top box had a Texaco Heron Team Suzuki sticker.




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