June 2017


It’s a wonder that this magazine ever gets to the printer. The team that makes it (including me) are continually distracted by ‘purchasing possibilities’. A productive morning’s work can be derailed by the discovery of a £500 MZ, a £1495 Yamaha TRX850 or a tempting finance offer on a 2017 Honda Fireblade. This month has been even more difficult than usual. Putting the ‘100 bikes, 100 deals’ section together has tested the resolve of even the biggest tightwad on the team (aka Paul Lang). Bike is all about experiences and we want to hear about yours. If you’ve been on a great journey we’d like you to write and tell us about it. 

Finally, if you have never booked yourself in for a trackday, or even if you have, then come and join us at our Rockingham road bike only trackday on 12 May. Just £99. That’s good value, and a proper experience. For more info, go to: www.bikemagazine.co.uk/trackdays 

Enjoy the issue, 

Hugo Wilson


Inside this issue...


There’s more to value than a cheap price. Yamaha’s MT-10 Tourer, KTM’s 1090 Adventure and the Triumph Bobber prove they’re oh-so-wise places to invest some cash…



£169,000’s worth of the most exotic motorcycles ever built, ridden 45,500 miles. We shouldn’t be surprised, it was what they were built for after all…




Yamaha are the only manufacturer still developing a 600cc sportsbike. Bike explores why and puts the new YZF-R6 through its paces in Spain.