March 2017


A few years ago the idea of a £44,000, 200bhp, limited production Norton V4 with chrome-finish carbon-fibre bodywork would have looked as likely as a jet powered hover bike. A convincing factory built Triumph custom might have seemed more likely, but not much. But here we are in 2017, with exclusive pictures of the Norton V4 SS and the first test ride on the massively entertaining new Triumph Bobber. Amazing, but also part of a bigger trend towards limited production glamour bikes and factory customs that will be part of motorcycling’s future. What else is coming? Well, probably not hover bikes, sadly, but Bike writers have consulted the tea leaves and come up with some predictions. More electric bikes seems like a safe bet. And they’re getting better. Especially the 270bhp race bike that Martin Fitz- Gibbons rode.

Want something more familiar? The new 765cc version of Triumph’s sensational Street Triple looks like a strong contender for Bike of the Year 2017. New bikes are great, but its rides that matter. The 32-page events guide should inspire your summer. June and September already look like chaos; I mean, how can I be at the Bol d’Or, Scarborough Gold Cup, Shed Festival and the Beamish Trial all on the same weekend? That’s a good problem though.

Enjoy the issue, 

Hugo Wilson



Inside this issue...


Classic looks, modern ability, fabulous presentation and some brand new features – Triumph’s new Bobber isn’t just another new Bonneville, it brings a genuine fresh flavour to the retro bike menu.


An unfaired naked that beats Panigales on the track. KTM’s storming new Super Duke R rewrites the performance bike rule book. Seconds out…


2016’s MotoGP season delivered an unprecedented nine different winners. Why? And what will happen in 2017?