March 2018

Spectators chanced frostbite to attend the final biking event of 2017. It was worth the risk. The Plum Pudding Meeting at Mallory Park was hilarious. Watching Batman, Spiderman, Santa Claus, the Christmas Elf and a bunch of other hardy club racers competing on Boxing Day was a perfect end to the year. Now to start planning for 2018.

I’m reserving 25 March for Hartland Quay hillclimb. I’ve never been before, but its combination of amazing location (sea view, cliff face, pub) and talented riders on over-powered bikes sounds compelling. Bike designer Paul Lang has said he’s going to compete too, which will make it even better. I need to see Irish road racing this year too. The Faugheen 50 on 21-22 July would fit the bill, but if I can’t make it over the Irish Sea then the Welsh Road Race on 3-5 August would be good too. Then there are the Bike trackdays on 10 May, 16 July and 13 September. I’ll start with The London Motorcycle Show on 16-18 February though.

They are all among the 341 events listed in the events guide that we’ve produced with this issue. Take your pick. Nice to hear that Norton have got ambitious plans for 2018 too. The hint from Stuart Garner that they’ll have Michael Dunlop and John McGuinness on board British bikes at the Isle of Man TT this year makes this their bestchance for a win since Steve Hislop’s victory in 1992. Enjoy the issue, and see you somewhere in 2018. 


Inside the March issue...


Triumph Bobber Black


Triumph’s new Bobber Black isn’t just about the paint. It’s about clever engineering and a much better ride…

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Every-day adventures

Fancy a go-anywhere explorer but think 1200cc, 160bhp and £15,000 is a bit much? Good news – these accessible all-rounders inject adventure into day-to-day life…

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More Power. More Torque. More Sensible?

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