September 2016

Excuses for Sunday rides: the bike needs miles putting on it, I need to bed in some new brake pads/leathers/pants (delete which not applicable), there’s an R in the month, there’s not an R in the month, I’ve never been there, I have been there and I liked it so I want to go again, I have been there I didn’t like it but I’ve heard that it’s got better so I need to check, it’s a sunny day, it’s not a sunny day, the vicar made me do it, I’ve got a motorcycle and it’s a shame not to use it, I’ve never done a hillclimb/sprint/run-wot-ya-brung/ trackday (delete which not applicable), I need to check if it’s still working OK, I need to check whether I’m still working OK, I’m just going to the shops (in Scarborough), it might rain tomorrow, I’ve got to get my money’s worth from these tyres, got to see auntie Mavis (‘but you haven’t got an auntie Mavis!’), petrol goes off if you don’t use it, I’m celebrating Brexit, I’m cheering myself up after Brexit, I need a cream tea (in Devon), I need a cake (in Eccles), I need a sausage (in Cumberland), I want to try a clanger (in Bedfordshire), now’s the time to see Stonehenge/Cheddar Gorge/Glen Coe, the tide’s going out (in Cornwall), the sun’s setting (in Wales), the bike needs washing (by riding through a ford).

Or maybe you don’t need an excuse. Summer Sundays were just made for motorcycling. Enjoy the issue, and enjoy Sunday. And if you want an excuse to ride on a Monday or a Thursday we’re running road bike-only trackdays at Rockingham on 1 August and 1 September.


In side the September issue...

A Jeep on two wheels

Another month, another great retro. We get the first ride on BMW’s pared-back new Scrambler.



Heavy metal

Cruiser doesn’t mean tassels and leather bags. Ducati’s radical new XDiavel, Harley’s full-on CVO Breakout and Moto Guzzi’s luxurious Audace mix power, pose and practicality with foot-forward cool.


It's not all about the sand

Oregon, USA: land of dunes, eerie burnt out forests and endless deserted trails. Naomi Tweddle, and partner Alberto, saddle up two Yamaha WR250Rs and head way out West…