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Bike's trackday's have now finished for the 2017 season, look out here for details of our 2018 schedule.





Bike's trackdays are for road bikes only. Join the Bike team on Rockingham's fabulous National Circuit on Friday 4th August and enjoy a day of high fun, low-stress track time. Just like trackdays used to be...

Choose from three ability levels; novice, intermediate and advanced to put your road bike through its paces on Europe's fastest racing circuit. Places cost £99 per bike.



No trackbikes - Your bike must have a numberplate and treaded road-legal tyres, noise limit is 105dB static and is liable to be tested

No tyrewarmers - No lap-timing, datalogging or any other unnecessary faffing, either

No vans or trailers - Bikes only in the paddock – any vans and trailers will have to be parked outside