Trouble Shooting your App

Q: Is the app interactive?

The iPad version of this app - downloadable via the Apple App Store - is, interactive, yes. We're also looking at introducing and interactive iPhone version later this year.
However, other platforms, such as Google Play Newsstand, Zinio etc, offer a replica version of the magazine only; though in some instances you will also get the option of 'text view', which makes the magazine easier to read on smartphones.

Q: I have an active subscription from iTunes / Google Play Wallet. The app is incorrectly telling me I have to pay again for my magazines. Why?

A: Sometimes this happens, usually after you install an update to the app, or if you update your device’s operating system. In this instance a simple ‘Restore Purchases’ procedure can usually get you the download to which you are entitled. It’s basically the equivalent of resetting the app with your iTunes account.
Please try:
- Ensure your device is connected to the same iTunes account as purchased the sub
- Stop the app running and restart it
- Launch the app
- Go into the menu
- Tap ‘Restore all purchases’ and wait while the app restores, do not do anything!
Once restored you should have access to your digital edition downloads again. Occasionally you might need to try this more than once. If you still can’t get your issues, see next question…

Q: I am an iTunes / Google Play Wallet customer and have an active subscription. The app is not giving me access. The ‘Restore all purchases’ process is not working. What can I do?

A: This is very rare but it does occasionally happen. If so, please email and:
- State which magazine you’re referring to
- The iOS operating system on your device, and the device you’re using
- Attach a proof of purchase and confirmation of the sub’s expiry date
We will then advise accordingly.
Occasionally bugs do occur. We aim to fix them as soon as possible, any feedback you can give us on the performance of the app is very useful so do let us know if you are having problems – it will help us resolve them faster and improve the reliability of the app.

Q: The app login is not recognising my email and my password. Why?

A: The app login, found in the menu of the app, is used solely for customers who purchase a digital subscription directly from us via the Great Magazines website.
If you are an Apple iTunes customer, or a Google Play Wallet customer, the login here will not work. In which case, please see Q1 above and try the ‘Restore’ procedure.
If you are a Great Magazines customer who cannot login, and you have an active subscription, please email quoting your customer number and the magazine you are having problems with.
We will then look into your account and advise you what to do within 24 hours.

Q: I am a new Great Magazines subscriber and the app won’t give me my downloads!

A: If you’re a new subscriber, you need to use your customer number to create an account in the app. Please make sure you’ve done this by:
- Opening the menu
- Tapping ‘Create account’
- Filling in the form, using your account number & email
- Create a password – it must be eight characters minimum with upper & lower case letters, plus one numeral or more
- Tap the ‘CREATE’ bar once the form is filled in
From this point you should be able to login with your email and password in the ‘login’ section at the top of the menu.
You might also find that your Great Magazines sub starts with the next issue, not the latest issue you can see in the app.
If you want more information and help about your Great Magazines subscription, please email – remember to quote your customer account number if you can.

Q: I keep getting a notification saying ‘This item is being modified’ (or similar). I cannot access my issues. What does this mean?

A: If you get any kind of notification telling you a item is being modified, or similar, it’s usually from Apple. They send this out when the recalibrate the pricing tiers on their App Store – the app might not work properly for a day or two while this is happening.
In this instance we would advise:
- Check you are using the latest iOS operating system. If not, upgrade to it
- Delete the app from your device
- Reinstall
- Follow the ‘Restore purchases’ procedure in the answer to Q1
Once Apple has done what they need to do, this problem will usually correct itself within 24-48 hours. Occasionally it lasts longer. If this is the case, please let us know by emailing
This seems to be a problem that particularly affects overseas readers.

Q: I keep getting a ‘data error’ or ‘system error’ notification in my app. What does this mean?

A: This is a very rare bug that the developers have yet to find a cause for. What we do know is that this works:
- Delete the app from your device
- Reinstall
- Launch it
- Go into the menu
- Tap ‘Restore all purchases’ and wait until the app restores
You’ll have to re-download your issues again, but the data error should go. If you repeatedly get this bug crop up in your app, please email and let us know about it.

Q: Why isn’t there a significant discount for the digital edition? Surely it must be cheaper to produce and send out than print?

A: Actually, it isn’t! There are several costs on our apps that we don’t have on our print titles. These include app licensing and development costs, along with tax (VAT) – believe it or not, print issues are not subject to VAT whereas digital editions are taxable.
Plus we have to pay Apple, Google etc their cut, in the same way we would pay print retailers a percentage to sell our print magazines for us. So the revenue we receive as publishers for every consumer £1 spent on a digital edition is roughly the same as we receive for our print titles.

Q: I just can't get the app to work and need to speak with someone… help!

Hopefully this won't happen but if you’re still having problems we offer direct support within 24 hours during the working week. Here are some details:

- If you’re a Great Magazines subscriber and are having problems linked specifically to your account, logging in, or payments; or if you wish to change your login details, please email quoting your customer number, if you have it

- If you’re iTunes or Google Play customer, please email clearly stating which magazine you’re referring to and what the problem is - sending a screenshot and proof of purchase will help speed things up, also!

- If it’s a technical problem with the app – for example, it keeps crashing, or you get servederror notifications that you can’t resolve, please email clearly stating which magazine you’re referring to and what the problem is. Again, sending a screenshot and proof of purchase will help speed things up, also!

- If you’re a customer of any of our reseller partners, such as Zinio, PocketMags and Readly, please email their customer support direct as we cannot assist.