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October issue of Bike magazine with a free travel stories supplement

The inaugural Mounte-Carlisle Rally was non-stop comedy from start two-stroke smoke over Scarborough to finish angry recriminations and accusations of cheating as cooling motorcycles dribbled oil onto the pavement outside one of Cumbria’s finest fortifications. The sight,sound and smell of a supermoto stroker dicing with a rasping,belching and rattling Harley-Davidson on the road from Hawes to Kendal rates among my top motorcycling experiences. But while the unsuitability of the motorcycles, the idiocy of the riders and the cut and thrust of serious competition added to the Mounte-Carisle occasion, the really important message is this skiving a day’s work to ride great roads with a bunch of mates is a commendable use of time.


If it’s sunny next Friday I’ll see you on the B660. And if you can’t skive work, then a weekend will do. Competitive camaraderie also in evidence among Suzuki Hayabusa riders attempting to crack 200mph at Elvington and in the paddock at the Classic TT. This month I’ve mainly been riding a Kawasaki 300 Ninja no, BMW RT suspension still not fixed. It’s been a nice reminder of how much fun you can have on a small bike, and also of how stupid the current A2 licence and test rules are. Enjoy the issue...


The BIG features in this month's November issue...

Suzuki Vstrom to Japan - part two

Tour de force
Successfully combining sporting ability, daily charm and distance skill is an exceptional achievement. can honda’s new VFr match established genius from Bmw and kawasaki?

Ducati Monster 821

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Special Edition

The A2 licence compatible Kawasaki Ninja might have just 296cc, but it’s a really good bike. We took one to the Isle of Man


Diesel powered motorcycles

Mongolia by Suzuki V-Strom - Bike to Japan Part 4-Z of customs

Mongolia former ’hood of the hordes and home to endless miles of dirt tracks (if you’re lucky). After four months on the hard road from Peterborough to Japan Bike’s V-Strom and custodian give Russia the swerve and enter a world of anxiety, bent coppers and mud…



More in this issue

  • Yamaha FZR750R - Bike at the Classic TT
  • Tooting Bec with Ted Simon
  • Suzuki Hayabusa - a 15th birthday party in Yorkshire at 261.4 miles per hour

And lots lots more... 


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