The July issue of Bike magazine is out now with free custom classics magazine!

April issue of Bike magazineTest rides are a great idea. They allow you to discover if a new model fits with your preferences and they let you sample alternative styles of machinery. But they’re brief – all you get is taste. This is why Bike is so proud of its road tests, which are anything but a trundle to the roundabout and back.
This month’s sportsbike comparison sees a mixed bag of riders cover hundreds of miles on all types of road, with the bikes flogged at a test strip, tied to a dyno and taken to a track to be thoroughly shaken by our tame ex-GP racer. And it’s a group of new bikes that you won’t have seen together elsewhere.
Then there’s our unique Yamaha Tracer test, with three riders of varied tastes taking three matching bikes side-by-side on a day-long jaunt, to truly get to its core. You won’t read such conclusive and in-depth bike reviews anywhere else. Of course it’s not all close analysis and furrowed brows. Nothing beats getting out there with friends and simply riding –something we were reminded of exploring the Peak District’s trails with our Honda, KTM, CZ and, er... Yamasaki. The fun-filled goodness of The Fracas Rally kicks off on in this month's mag. 
Plus this month we have a free 40 -page custom classics magazine dedicated to the beauty of the customised classic from cafe racers to trackers and everything in between.


The BIG features in the July issue...

Team Carl

The all day sportsbike

With substantial four-cylinder power, magical electronics and serene comfort, BMW’s new S1000XR proves an extraordinary machine...

red bull file

A new kind of fast

953bhp, 18 cylinders, five tortured tyres, one chirping supercharger – welcome to the most high-tech, brain-mashing, boundary-shifting test in Bike’s history...


route 66

Crowd Pleaser

Yamaha’s Tracer is a sales phenomenon. Bike takes three of them on a 333-mile jolly to assess why it’s so popular...





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