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Britain’s best-selling monthly bike magazine celebrates it's 500th issue with a bumper 196 pages...

December issue of Bike magazine - the 500th issue...Bike’s 500th issue deserves a celebration. So founding editor Mark Williams and myself enjoyed steak and mushroom pie and a pot of tea for two in Jedburgh (which was mainly shut). Then, in driving rain with high winds and bad visibility, we climbed aboard a pair of BMWs to cross the Scottish border at Carter Bar. They were some of the worst riding conditions I’ve ever experienced. Party on.

We were recreating a story from issue seven (Autumn 1972) when Mark and his sidekick, Martin Harrison, rode from London to Edinburgh and back via Cardiff, on a pair of BMW R75/5s. But in better weather.Two hours later we stopped at Durham services on the A1 for a machine coffee. It was 10.15pm and we’d already been travelling since 7am ‘If you’re planning something similar for the 1000th issue,’ said Mark,‘don’t call me’. The rest of this tale is on page 168.

Bike has always been famous for great stories, in depth road tests, inspirational writing and brilliant photography. In 43 years we’ve employed some astonishingly talented writers, snappers, designers and editors. But the most important people have always been the readers. We couldn’t have done it without you – so thanks – a lot. Here’s to the next 500 issues and Bike readers.


The BIG features in the special 500th issue...

Team Carl

The Sahara starts here

Across the Sahara with 3 litres of coke and a tub of Nutella...
Dan Walsh's account of five days of  cathedral dunes, moody soldiers and minefields.

Ron Haslam

A ride with Ron Haslam

He raced with Sheene, Spencer, Gardner, Schwantz and Lawson. Now ‘Rocket’ Ron’s teaching the finer points of Donington to Bike’s Mark Graham…


Ride on a train

Let the train take the strain

1) Ride your bike onto a train
2) Wine, dine, and sleep in comfort
3) Wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy proper roads.

You and your bike can escape the British winter for a lot less money than you might think


Ride on a train


We are Team Carl and we rob banks

From deep in darkest Sweden, a cautionary tale of ordinary drag racing folk and their ‘alternative’ method of funding an expensive hobby.

More in this issue

  • Ducati Scrambler and 21 more 2015 models revealed
  • 5 days to be a better rider
  • The true story of the world's bravest biker
  • 3 countries, 2 R1200RTs, 1 epic day
  • When two strokes ruled the world
  • King of the hill: six bikes, a welsh mountain and a datalogger: the ultimate heandling test

And lots lots more... 


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